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Manfred Wenzel Webdesigne
Manfred Wenzel Webdesigne
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Manfred Wenzel Webcreatione Darmstädter Str.32, 64579 Gernshomes
IN 2007

Phone and fax 06258 2269
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Manfred Wenzel Webdesigne

We offer to you what costs many times over with others:!
Manfred Wenzel Homepage-Designe. Own Gifanimationsproduktion, Html-, Xml-, Java and Php MySql specialist staff. Powerful graphic arts programs and web editors, translation tools for Russian, English, France and In Spanish. DE-Domain from 4 EURO / year.

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Now ANEWOffer: Web page with 30 pictures and gifanimationesonly 169 euros
E-mail Manfr@xdn.de
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Manfred Wenzel Webcreation, - 64579 Gernshome, phone and fax 06258 2269,
or mobile phone 0178 971 64 88
DE-Domain from 4 EURO / year. translation tools for Russian, English, France. and in Spanish